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Townhouses in Toronto

A townhouse is called a compromise between an apartment house and cottage. A housing of townhouse format was invented by the British in the XIX century. From the beginning, such houses were built only in the UK but today townhouses are widespread throughout the Canada. They are considered respectable and economical suburban middle-class housing. The concept of townhouse is quite relevant for Toronto. Such type of housing is sought after among residents of Toronto. Townhouse complexes are located in the most prestigious districts of the city. Read more what district of Toronto to choose for comfortable living.

What are the reasons for such a popularity?
Small, practical and cost-effective townhouses were a response to the wealthy sectors of the population, who lived in moist, badly heated castles. Comfort of townhouses had not stayed unnoticed and soon the representatives of new English aristocracy began to settle in townhouses.

Today townhouses are common in many countries and are a cross between an apartment house and cottage. At the same time, the main feature of modern townhouse is their location: the majority of townhouse villages are located in 30-kilometer suburb zone of large cities, which allows the inmates of townhouses to work in the city but live in close proximity with the nature. Townhouses are focused on the main representatives of the middle class, who would like to improve their living conditions and to live in a clean environment, but are not ready to afford a private cottage.

The traditional layout is based according to the floor division into general and intimate zones. If the floor area allows, then a garage equipped with overhead doors, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and utility rooms are located on the ground floor, while bedrooms - on the first floor. If the area of a ground floor is not enough then a garage displaces the general area on the second floor. In this case, household block or additional recreational area (for example, sauna or gym) are located on the ground floor, and in some cases - work space (office or workshop, office). Bedrooms are usually arranged on the last or attic floor. The access to the territory of a village is restricted with a fence and automated doors at the entrance.

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