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What Toronto district to choose for living

It is not that easy for a a person moving to a new town, to understand where to settle down. So, very often, a person begins to rely on the opinion of random acquaintances, learned from the Internet, or even worse, start to rely on the price of housing. For some reasons, such issues as security of living in a particular district, the convenience, ethnic composition of the population are not taken into account.

Though Canada is a rich country, and living standards here are higher than in most other countries of the world, however there are also poor and the rich people. And as elsewhere, the poor areas of Toronto are the most disadvantageous, the crime situation is much worse and the neighbors are not so pleasant people. It is also obvious that more expensive areas suit better for a comfortable living.

So, according to statistics, the richest part of the population of Toronto chooses a corridor along the Yonge street, i.e. close to the subway line and various objects of cultural, sports and social life of the city. Here Rosedale and Forrest Hill - traditionally very expensive areas are located. Besides, Richmond Hill is considered one of the most prestigious areas of Toronto. By the way, now there is a great interest in such suburbs as Aurora and Newmarket, which are located north from Richmond Hill, but also along the Yonge street.

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