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Property and divorce

Always remember the simple truth - a house is not a home. When divorcing you face a very hard issue of the house division. The family home or the former matrimonial home will always be a very emotive subject, especially if the divorce is going to be a difficult task to solve. In case you are not even friends with your ex-partner you will need to look for the best family lawyers in Toronto to receive all that you are willing to after the divorce. In this article you can find some useful advice and answers to the questions about the property and divorce.

When discussing the separate property be very careful in your words usage, sometimes you might need to hire family lawyers to take some useful things instead of you and not to insult the feelings of your ex-partner. Moreover, if hiring professionals you can avoid the emotional period of separation and from the very beginning start arranging the settlement over the family house. With the lawyers it is easier to discuss hard questions and sometimes you can even avoid court; it will make the separation even faster.

After discussing all the shades of the issue with each other, and only when both parties understand what type of settlement is needed by each of them, the time of the decision comes.

If you still decided to do it through the court procedure, you need to understand what is going on. Usually the court does not divide the property on half and half. The court would look through all the documents and circumstances of the issue and then split the house after divorcing depending on those facts.

Sometimes it is the court who decides whether "a clean break" is possible and appropriate. In case you do not have any children or the marriage itself was very short and both spouses can support themselves then the court would usually split the property equally. But still remember that the court would still take into account the list of considerations.

Pam Margers, legal expert, specializing in estate division issues, provides tips for those, who are going through the process of property partition. Some data for the post was taken from the knowledge base of family lawyers firm in Toronto.

If you want to know whether you get a good offer of the house splitting read this article.

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