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A condo or a house - what to prefer

It is a question puzzling everyone, who is going to buy property in Canada for the first time. As you know, real estate in Toronto is divided into two main types: condominiums and houses. Houses may be of different types like detached or semidetached. Market of condominiums, in turn, is divided into condos (apartments in high-rise building) or townhouses (city cottages). The main difference between the houses and condominiums is that the condo has a monthly fee for the whole building maintenance, while you will not have to pay this fee if to live in a house. Monthly fee includes payment for utilities, security and cleaning, lighting and parking, as well as for the use of a swimming pool, sauna, lounge and so on.

Here we come to buying a home in Toronto - a dream of many people. The land lot, on which the house stands is a private property, the holy phrase for Canada. Houses, of course, are more expensive than condos or townhouses. But they have their indisputable advantages. You do not have to make monthly payments. Read why it is more favorable to buy real estate in winter season.

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