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Why it is more favorable to buy real estate in Toronto in winter

Statistics from Toronto Real Estate Board shows that Toronto real estate market has declined its activity. It is hard to find the situations, when a few buyers want to buy the same house. With the arrival of cold weather the number of those wishing to buy a property has decreased. It is quite understandable that the less demand - the lower prices. Although, do not think that the housing will become cheaper by 10-15%, but, nevertheless the prices will be lower than in summer and spring. Click here to choose and buy a home with

It is particularly advantageous to buy a real estate in November and December. Those sellers are entering the market during this period who have some serious reasons to sell a property. These people are not trying to break a big jackpot as the most selling spring. They sell because it is necessary to sell: people are going to divorce, or leave the country or the city forever, or they have several mortgages and desperately need to sell one house at least... These sellers are more complaint, so you can get a gift of destiny on the New Year's Eve in the form of 10-15 thousand saved on real estate purchase. The money saved can be spent on spousal immigration Canada services. Just imagine you will be able to solve two problems at once for the same money!

Now the real estate prices in Toronto are significantly lower than they were in spring. For comparison, the average price today does not exceed $ 460,000. This is 5% below the highest price in May, when the same property cost $ 485,000. Our real estate agents had offered our clients to act quickly last year, in the fall, and many of them bought properties, which rose in price after that almost by 10%!

So, do not postpone for tomorrow what you can do today. Do not make false assumptions. Credits for the purchase of real estate are still low and quite available. This is another good reason to think about buying the house of your dream next month. offers you professional advice to help you make the right decision. Call us today. You calls are always welcome!

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