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Apartments in Toronto: Questions and answers

Where is the best place to live in toronto?

First of all, the selection of the place where to buy an apartment in Toronto depends on your budget. Naturally, the more money you can spend on real estate purchase, the more prestigious place you can choose.

Is it reasonable to buy an apartment in Toronto downtown?

In most cases, the specialists advise to buy an apartment in downtown. However, the cost of real estate in the center of Toronto is much higher than in other parts of the city. One of the biggest advantages of buying an apartment in Toronto downtown is the opportunity to minimize or completely dispense the use of the car.

Apartments in Toronto are sold with or without furniture?

Almost all apartments in new Toronto buildings are sold not only with finishing, but also with a set of necessary furniture and household appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, sanitary engineering, etc.

How much the maintenance of the apartment costs?

Maintenance of the apartment in Toronto depends on a set of services, flat area, consumed water, electricity, and the prestige of the house and the area of Toronto.

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